Why “Actually Autistic & Angry”?

I want to change the concepts about anger that have been brainwashed into me culturally, and how I can indeed lead a productive life if I never move fully past the anger stages or stay in them longer than people find acceptable. I think as long as I don’t allow my anger to manifest in abusive ways to others or myself, anger can actually be quiet rewarding and therapeutic.

Anger is natural. Anger is being human. I want to stop shaming myself for such things.

Society is waking up to so much collectively, and there is a lot to be angry for. I feel there is a lot of things I don’t have the privileges to move past my own anger, because my disabilities and living in poverty makes me have to continue dealing with many injustices every day that no positive attitude will make go away.

I want to express how my anger has, and hopefully will continue, to transform me through my art and writings that I’ll share with you on my page and of course from the perspective of an autistic person. I hope you can relate and enjoy what I have to create. I hope it brings you comfort to know you’re not alone.

I will not try to make myself out to be an expert on anything, not even about myself. There are too many toxic autism advocates out there claiming they have all the answers and try to speak for everyone. This includes actually autistic people and those not even autistic, promoting themselves as experts when they are not. There’s too much misinformation going around and I refuse to be a part of it.

If you want someone that arrogantly spouts out misinformation like it is facts about autistics, trauma, or anything in life, you won’t find that here. I’m simply an autistic, that’s an artist, that’s been through severe trauma, who has had to educate myself independently to be where I am now. I’m can never claim that I don’t often absorb the wrong information in this process.

I’m just trying hard to figure things out through this shit storm we call existence.

Jackie Venus

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