Original artwork by Jackie Venus. Image Description: graphic art image of a wolf in sheep's clothing. Except the wolf isn't fully white. It is half black and half white. The wolf also has bright red lipstick on. This wolf is siting in the center of a piece of earth that is a semi circle and almost floating in space. The semi circle is mostly grass with yellow and red flowers on it, and triangle shaped trees on the horizon. The background is a sample image of fabric with a night sky on it. There's a moon up in the top left hand corner. To the right side of the central wolf is a flock of sheep that all look the same. They too are half black and half white. On the left side of the central wolf are three smaller wolves. One is standing near the base of the trees, howling up at the moon. The other two wolves are chewing and gnawing apart the faux sheep skin. Parts of the design are made to look like embroidery stitches in various areas.

I Sia Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

I’m not here to convince you who’s right or wrong over the ongoing debate about whether or not the musician, Sia, should or should not have cast neurotypical dancer, Maddie Ziegler to portray a “non verbal low functioning” (Sia’s problematic words, not mine) autistic person in her yet to be released movie, Music. I feel like I have nothing new to say that already hasn’t been said by many others out there writing about the trailer since its release.

What I do want to talk about is how, when the trailer came out many people began pointing out why they had problems with a non autistic person playing the role about an autistic person. It doesn’t matter if you agree or not with the reason others have these issues, the way Sia and her supporters have responded (and continues to) is just with a total lack of empathy for a community she claims to want to represent.

Not Your Puzzle: Autistic Voices for Autistic Equity

For this particular exhibit I put a call out to autistic artists to help me creatively represent the differences between autism awareness, acceptance, and equity. I asked them, what feelings did these topics invoke in them when discussed? How can we present this to help an audience understand better why so many of us in the autistic community struggle having our voices fully heard on such matters? How can we also validate others struggling to make them not feel so alone, as well?

All of our thoughts and images in this exhibit come from only a few of us, but there are countless tears and voices to be heard that often are being ignored.

We’re tired of being your puzzle pieces and it’s time for society to really listen to us.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Many people pretend to be things they are not. This is something that is hard for most people to figure out. It seems to become even more difficult when you’re autistic. It took me 40 years to work through how often people with the best of intentions are often those manipulating others the most. What […]

Why “Actually Autistic & Angry”?

I want to change the concepts about anger that have been brainwashed into me culturally, and how I can indeed lead a productive life if I never move fully past the anger stages or stay in them longer than people find acceptable. I think as long as I don’t allow my anger to manifest in […]

About Me

Hi, I’m Jackie Venus. I’m a Neuroqueer artist and abuse survivor. I want to tell my story through the art I create. Both visual arts and the written word.

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